Welcome to Domaine du Vieux Château local Drôme des Collines.

Since 1872, La Rousset family 5 generations, from father to son winemakers have perpetuated their passions for family vineyard Domaine de Château Vieux.
An area on the slopes of hills Triors, sandy soil, allowing the vines to grow with confidence.
There long ago, most of all the hills in this region were covered with vines hearing of sight.
In the early twentieth century there lent little attention to the quality, it was above all the wine that my grandparents and great grandparents sold to customers from the nearby region, as well as some Savoyard cooperatives.
Near a 20th hectares divided into varieties Syrah for red and Marsann for whites.
It is from the 70s, the decision was taken to reduce the size of the property: it was necessary to quality and not quantity.


Cellar open from Tuesday to Saturday
9 h 30 to 12 h and 14 h to 19 h
Winter closure 18 h30.

FAnnual closure: ......................... The first week of September and the first 15 days of January

Small harvest this year, good quality

The Vin de Pays Blanc Soft, fruity Rosé and 2013 are available


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