La vigne et ses Principales Maladies

¤¤START¤¤Le mildiou sur feuilles¤¤END¤¤

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¤¤START¤¤Le mildiou sur pousses¤¤END¤¤

¤¤START¤¤Le mildiou¤¤END¤¤

¤¤START¤¤L'odium sur feuilles¤¤END¤¤

¤¤START¤¤L'odium sur grappe¤¤END¤¤

¤¤START¤¤L'odium sur grappes¤¤END¤¤

¤¤START¤¤L'odium sur pousses¤¤END¤¤

Le Mildiou

The fight against Mildew must be preventive, namely a little copper from May to the end of June, to be renewed after each rain
> to 25 mm.


Always as a preventive measure, especially around the "flower", from stage 23 to 33, a little powdered sulfur at the foot of the vine. Renew after each rain..